Laurie and Bob

Laurie and Bob Wheeler are the owners of Spirit Adventure Tours and have been traveling for many years enjoying the richness of culture and spiritual adventure. Their desire is to create adventures beyond the everyday experience, enrich the mind and body, and satisfy the soul. Their travels have taken them to Costa Rica, Mexico – central and Yucatan, Sedona, Bimini, Caribbean islands, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, Panama, and traveled the 5 islands of Hawaii while residing on the Big Island.

Traveling with us....
We have tour guides and community spiritual leaders that are knowledgeable and want to help enrich your adventure. We offer tour activities along with spiritual ceremonies to enhance your experience. Laurie and Bob are facilitators of shamanic journey groups worldwide for over 10 years, bringing this ancient practice to the young and old.

Laurie Wheeler, DiHom, CCH, is a holistic health practitioner and teacher of shamanism since 1995. Her approach focuses on a state of wellness for both mind and body and the development of personal power, nurturing one on a path to find their authentic self. Her business acumen stems from several entrepreneurial endeavors, her latest is creator and host of a live radio program Journey into Wellness. In 2009, Laurie founded a non-profit holistic health clinic for veterans, presently working on Cape Cod with the non-profit Grace Veterans..
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Laurie Wheeler

Bob Wheeler, is a visionary architect with a creative mind for “outside the box” design. His latest endeavor is a green-house technology home, sheltered and enveloped by nature. Bob is also fluent in Spanish and lived for awhile in Caracas, Venezuela. His ability to speak fluent Spanish allowed him to be a translator for the Omega Institute, where he was fortunate to work with many spiritual teachers. His goal is to bring small groups of people to experience new cultures, ideas, and technologies - through a non-traditional type of tour company – what they only could imagine.
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Bob Wheeler

Both Laurie and Bob have been privileged to work and study with enlightened teachers as Sandra Ingerman, Wayne Dyer, Depock Chopra, Caroline Meiss, John Perkins, Brian Weiss, John Holland, Rosemary Altea, Hank Wesselman, Illeana Vanzant and many shamanic healers worldwide.