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Re-Discover YOUR Soul in Hawaii

Attune to Heaven on Earth while exploring ancient Lemuria and Hawaii

Your next Spirit-filled Adventure begins here with this retreat...

April 26 - May 2, 2023

Are you listening to the whispers of your soul?
You may be more ready than you think --- as your truth is waiting to be revealed!

It all begins on the Big Island of Hawaii, the largest of all the islands. When in Hawai'i, you will hear and use the word Aloha quite often. There are many meanings... such as hello and goodbye, also Love, Peace, and Compassion. Aloha is not only a greeting but the way and breath of life, as you will experience in the seen and unseen Hawaiian culture. Many people are called there as it is a place of healing and life change. Having lived there, I can say this is so.

We'll also puddlejump over to the beautiful, lush island of Kaua'i known as Mother Earth's Garden. You'll feel the divine impact that this island has within your soul and take you back to an original time during Lemuria or Mu to explore its frequency. The island's guardians and gatekeepers will illuminate the way to your path.

I have created an amazing itinerary to experience vortex journeys, experiencing the sacred dolphins to hear their messages, island activities, healings and much more! In ancient Hawai'i, the Kahuna healed and taught in the spirit and vibration of Aloha which manifests through Love. The purpose behind the ‘Kahuna' teachings was/is the revelation of truth within each individual, in other words self realizations through Kundalini awakenings.

This Hawaiian retreat is designed to support your QUANTUM SOUL REUNION while nurturing your divine essence in Paradise! Through the power of the islands, dolphins, and vortices, you will step into your True Self and powerful presence.

I invite you to come and experience the true meaning of Aloha

and unplug, unwind and re-discover your extraordinary self!


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Hawaiian Tour includes:

Hawaiian Tour does not include:

Limited to 12 people

Cancellation policy:

A deposit of $1400.00 is required at the time of reservation.

Balance of $1600.00 to be received within one month after registering.

Cancellations are NOT subject to a refund after an initial 3 day grace period (however, if your spot is filled with another participant, a partial refund of 50% will be considered at the discretion of the facilitator).

When you sign up for this retreat, you will receive a FREE complimentary one day summit pass (valued at $99) to the Ascension Conference in San Diego "Humanity Awakens" on April 21 - 23, 2023, Friday through Sunday as my way of saying Thank You!

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